WPTheme – Is it for You?

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there to choose from when deciding upon what to use for your blog. And while you want things to look nice, you also need to think about the functionality of different themes, and whether they will help you make money through your blog.

And that’s where WPTheme comes in. Not only do they offer a great theme that’s clean, and fully customizable to your own design and aesthetics, but it’s also got great functionality.

Not sure if you know how to optimize for SEO?

Don’t worry about it; WPTheme has simple instructions to follow to ensure that your site gets formatted in exactly the right way to make Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines love it.

As well, there’s a built-in Google Adsense advertising generator where you can customize everything about your Adsense ads – the size, the look, the feel, everything – all without having to deal with code. You can get all the info you need from the WPTheme Advertising tabs.

But, you say, that’s all great, but looks are still important! I want a pretty site!

Don’t worry – I know that while having a functional site is the most important thing, once you’ve got that covered, it helps that it looks nice, too. And more important than that is making sure that the design resonates with your brand. Some people may not like the color choices I’ve used here, but it certainly ties in with the John Cow brand.

With WPTheme, the design is fully customizable. You can adjust the colors, the fonts, and other design elements, all from the ‘design’ tab in the option menu. You can control other elements as well, including the typography, site layout as well as the content width.

And, not only can you customize the design, but you can also import or export the design choices to your other WPTheme sites. This is especially great if you have multiple sites with a common theme, where you want them to have certain elements in common, but be unique in other ways. WPTheme lets you do this, without having to spend hours coding.