Where I’ve been

In case you have not noticed, I have NOT been very active the past few months with blog posts on this site or anything for that matter… the reason (if you care)… is my project that I have dedicated 100% into…

I have been working very close with my members and have created the most amazing training and tools for auto blogging that is available. Its nice having hundreds of beta testers to pound and prove out my system that has helped me generate loads of income. You see I have actually been blogging since 2006… 2 to 3 years before most current supposed “Bloggers” that are selling ebooks on the topic have even been in this business.

I have put all my knowledge into this and I even am giving a blueprint that will see you easily generating $57600 in revenue within one year and only about 7% of those funds will be needed to cover your costs.

I want this to be the best system so badly that I literally dropped loads of other projects and since June have dedicated thousands of dollars and my time to create something that will blow you away.

We are not opening the doors until the end of the month BUT…. I wanted to offer you something that I think is a perfect compliment to the blog Blueprint system that I am releasing and because of that I am going to give you a sweet deal.

You may or may not know this, but Chris, who has made a very good name for himself over the past few years, was mentored by me for a few years starting in the past and in fact is now making millions of dollars online and was kind enough to say this…

Well, Chris has a brand new product that he just released with his brother Andrew Fox and they are offering it for only $37. Yes there are some upsells you can expect BUT, the $37 value is incredibly worth while and if you do not take any upsells the material you get is solid.

So… here is my offer.

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Basically that means you will get this for nothing!

I am only offering this to 50 people and I know this is going to go fast so you better take it now before its too late.