Video Submissions for Traffic

Videos have become a powerful piece of the promotion and marketing puzzle in internet marketing and if you’re not using them, you’re missing out on a large source of traffic.

I want to show you a way to get the most out of a video, much like squeezing every last ounce of juice from your articles. The same principle applies. Just because you produce one video it doesn’t mean you submit it once and that’s it.

With articles, the key is to re-write it into several versions and promote it through article directories, Blog Feeder and web 2 properties maximizing it’s efficiency and gaining the most amount of exposure you can. You can do the same with videos.

For example, say you produce a video and submit it to You Tube. Most would think that’s it. However, when submitting videos you need to add a title, description and keyword tag. This is where you can gain the maximum exposure for your work. Once you’ve submitted the video, re-work the title, description and keyword tags and submit it again.

The effect here is you want to take advantage of the popularity of videos and ability to rank well in the search engines. Just like an article, you have the ability to rank well for different keywords. So before you re-submit it, change the information and most importantly, the keyword tag and suddenly instead of having one piece of content out there ranking, you will have two ranking for different keyword combinations.

Another way to gain exposure for your site is by making comments on other people’s videos. But not just a written comment. You actually make a video comment.

Here’s how this works. Look for videos in your niche which have received massive exposure or views. Look at the video and jot down a couple of important aspects of it. Then produce a short video response; only needs to be 60-90 seconds and post it in the comments section. Do not under any circumstance criticize what the author has posted.

Instead, be complimentary with your comment and then in a very subtle way, suggest people could also take a look at your site. Now this is a powerful way to take advantage of the large number of views a person is getting but does require some subtlety. By keeping your comments complimentary, you reduce any chance of upsetting the author and at the same time, will stand out among the other comments as well as directing visitors to where you want them to go…your website.

Finally, never just post a video and leave it. Think more promotion. Always digg the page the video is on; bookmark the page and if you put it on your blog, always submit the RSS feed. In fact, when you’ve made your Blog Feeder submissions, digg and bookmark the page of the blog the content goes to but not every blog.

Then of course, always look out for other sites where a webmaster may have picked up your video and posted it on their real estate. Again, digg and bookmark the page it’s on.

Remember, promotion is a never ending process and you can really squeeze every ounce of juice from an initial piece of content. Always think massive action.