Using Video to Dominate Google SERPs

I LOVE using SEO and free traffic sources to rake in loads of revenue. Whether it be my own product or an affiliate offer… the fact is I don’t just teach about doing this, I use it and love doing so!

I am not one of those people (which seems to be more and more common these days) who release a product and when you actually look at the product owner’s actual results… they are no where to be found in the search engines.

That is NOT the case with my business. For example, my software ranks number one in Google for both…

link building software
free link building software

Because of that, Google alone (this is not including jv partners or any other traffic source) sends me 50 to 70 opt-in’s EVERY day… and these convert into sales on the back-end (EVERYDAY).

I am not telling you this to brag but because I want you to understand that I am extremely good at SEO and the reason is I love it… but I have to be honest, there are some things with SEO I hate.

As you know, video is one of the most powerful ways to quickly rank in the search engines but I have to confess that I HATED video marketing (notice the word hated and not hate… that is because I no longer hate it). I knew it worked, I knew it got amazing results… but the fact was that out of all the ways to get free traffic, video marketing was my obsolete least favorite strategy.

I am not saying I did not use video marketing. In fact I am the owner of one of the original video submission tools and I am in the process of releasing a version 2 which is completely online and SUPER powerful (you can actually get complimentary access to it but you need to keep reading) and I use it regularly and get great results. I have used Video Marketing for years… but that did not mean I was getting the results I could have and it certainly did not mean I enjoyed doing it.

The problem was, I never had anyone show me how to really make videos that are first of all easy but actually get excellent results… without costing a fortune or taking days.

Yes you can use tools that turn articles into videos.. with an automated robotic voice… but ask yourself honestly, do you watch these videos… do you enjoy listening to tell you about some product… do you buy things because of those videos?

Well, I have had my eyes opened to the full potential of video marketing, thanks to a guy (you may or may not be familiar with). The guy is an insanely intelligent marketing genius when it comes to video marketing and he has taken video marketing to a completely different level for me and all I can say is this guy is someone you need to listen to.

Dominating Video

Jame is releasing a product today at 3pm called and it has totally blown me away with more “ah ha” moments then any other video course out there. If you want to take your business to a higher level than I encourage you with every bit of personal recommended encouragement I can muster to check this out. I am so impressed with it that I am even throwing in a few bonuses that I think you are going to be VERY impressed with.

As you can see these are all AWESOME bonuses that are not simple resale right packages you can get anywhere. These are solid products that compliment each other and will give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed with this system.


Hey, I do not blame you at all… so I have a couple options for you.

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The good news is you need not worry about the bonuses, we will be keeping these up until after the webinar… but they are time limited. The bad news however is if you want to be on the webinar, there is only room for 300 people… so you better register now.

This product has my full 100% support… it is very worthwhile and i give it my highest recommendation. Do yourself a favor and check it out now.