Upcoming events

Interested? Of course you are! These Full Conference Passes are priced at a whopping $1,449 and loads of cool people will be attending the Affiliate Summit West this year. We know for a fact that bloggers will be there. Again. These are just a handful of the people that are coming, here’s the entire list. (extra kudos to those who know everyone on there!)

It just so happens that by pure coincidence, sheer luck, and a little smooth talk, the lovely was nice enough to give us a free ticket. Too bad for us that we’ll be in sunny Australia when the Summit is happening, so guess what? We’ll be sending one of you on your way to Vegas!

Now here’s another of our homemade random competitions for you guys because we know how much you love em! Don’t think it can get any simpler than this;

Oh. and you might as well sign up for the RSS feeds if you haven’t already. We’ll announce the winner in about two weeks in the feeds, so you’ll have another month to arrange your travel and stay in Las Vegas.

The summit would be a fantastic place to start networking with the right people in the industry. There will be light years of experience walking around and all you have to do is listen and mingle. Not to mention all the schwag you can grab! The pass also comes with complimentary breakfast and lunch if we’re not mistaking, and for dinner you just make sure you stick around Jim Bill – the man’s known to pick up the bill after dinner.

Since we’re on the subject of affiliate marketing, did you guys know that our second favorite baldy has started the new Retreat? The exclusive once-a-year, two day opportunity to sit down with some of the best brains in the business to see how they can help you improve or add to your current business plans. You’ll get plenty of invaluable 101 time with guys , to pick their brains and have them share their massive marketing experience with you.

John is so confident in the success of the Retreat, this is what he mailed us;”I am also going to offer a BETTER THAN money back guarantee meaning I will refund the full ticket price PLUS all airfare and expenses if someone does not make their money back within 6 months. That is how confident I am in the Retreat!”

Kicking off, they’re only taking 35 lucky applicants on to join them in San Francisco for a once in a lifetime experience. So you’d better get in line before the doors are closing.