Twitter Phone Applications

Now that you’re using your Mobile phone to interact with Twitter, you may find that using SMS is not the best system out there for your needs. Either you’re getting constant text messages and it is proving to be intrusive or expensive, or you may be in an area where you an only receive SMS messages to Twitter but not be able to send them (users in Canada who do not have Bell as a carrier have this problem).

So how can you make is easier to interact with Twitter on your mobile phone?

By using an application specifically made for the task. There are about a billion (well, not exactly that many) apps out there to help you use Twitter. But which apps out there are the best and how should you use them when you’re using Twitter to help promote your business?

That’s why you have me.

As you know I’ve been using Twitter just for a little while now, it has already had an amazing effect on my business. It’s been a great promotional tool, and I rely on accessing my Twitter account wherever I am.

There are the most Twitter applications available for the iPhone, but that makes sense as there are more applications in general available for the iPhone than with any other kind of SmartPhone. While there are less choices available for other kinds of phones, you should still be able to find something to suit your needs.

Here are some of the apps available for using Twitter on your mobile phone:

Apple iPhone

Twitterific (

This is one of the oldest and most-used applications out there for Twitter. There are two versions – one free ad-supported one, and a paid version for $9.99 that is ad-free. It’s got a clean, simple layout for viewing Twitter, and it also makes it easy to use Twitpic to post a picture of yourself as well as using the iPhone’s GPS to point your followers to your actual location – great if you actually have a bricks-and-mortar store.

Tweetie (

Also extremely popular with iPhone users. Tweetie does not have a free version, but the app only costs $2.99 from the Apple App store. Its got a great user-interface, and is extremely responsive, and will do just about anything with Twitter that you might want to, including a great built-in search feature. It also has a mini-browser within the app itself so you can view links in tweets without having to exit the app and load your browser.


TwitterBerry (

The default choice for BlackBerry users who are on Twitter (there aren’t that many more to choose from). Its got a simple interface that includes the character countdown, the public timeline, and the ability to post tweets and send Direct Messages, and although it’s not as pretty as some of the other apps for different SmartPhones, it does get the job done.

Windows Mobile

Twinkini (

Again, it’s not as polished as the iPhone apps, but it does load quickly and give you all of the basic Twitter features, like sending tweets, marking tweets as favorites, and viewing your timeline. It will also let you add your GPS location to your tweets.

Cross-Platform Apps

These will work on any SmartPhone. There are two different ways these work – either they are web-based, and use your phone’s browser to work, or they are a true application that works outside of your browser.


Twitter Mobile ( – Twitter’s own mobile site. It has everything you expect it to.

Slandr ( – Slandr uses Twitter’s own API, but says that it delivers a better user experience than the Twitter mobile site does. While it seems to be a good interface, it does insert ads between tweets, which would get old fast.


loveTinyTwitter (

TinyTwitter has two different versions available – one that will work on any Java-enabled phone (Nokias, Blackberrys), and one for Windows Mobile. It’s not a very large application, so it will download and install quickly, and it has all the basics you want – tweets, @replys, Direct Messages, following and unfollowing. Is also allows you to set the time interval for checking for new tweets, which saves you from having to constantly refresh.

Using Apps, whether web-based or downloaded, can make using Twitter on your mobile phone easier and faster. You don’t have to deal with sending SMS messages (or any of the charges associated with that), and it will work wherever you are. Find the one that works best for you, and at the right price (free is always good.)

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, but it should help you to get started.