Top Five Social Media Aggregators You Should Consider

The social media has gained immense popularity in both the corporate and personal world. As the numbers of social media continue to grow and their importance rise, so has the number of networks a person has to visit in order to update or track posts. It is time consuming to visit one site after another every time entering your long username and password. To save people’s time, the social media aggregators have stepped in. This is a platform that enables you to access all your social media sites from one central location. Before clicking on the get it now button, always take some time to review the target social media aggregator. Below are the top five social media aggregators you should consider using.

Google Buzz

At the start, this aggregator received negative reviews due to the privacy issues people believed it crossed. With time, the aggregator was understood and is now considered among the best social media aggregators out there. In addition to being able to manage most of your networks from one location without having to visit site after another, Google Buzz tags a post with the user’s location. This is ideal if you wish to back your claim of being in a specific location. The location tagging is done automatically.

Microsoft’s Spindex

The Microsoft’s Spindex is one of the newest social media aggregators online. What makes it ideal as a one site for your networks is that it allows you to bookmark items for future reference as well as enables you to personalize topic trends. The aggregator supports a range of networks which include Bing, Facebook, Evernote, RSS and Twitter. The posts are ranked based on interests in friend’s comments and messages.


The best thing about using ConvoTrack for your movie reviews is that it collects discussions from blog articles, Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed, HackerNews and Reddit and offers a creative bookmarklet which opens as a sidebar. The beauty of this aggregator is that you never have to leave where the information on lig TV izle is posted since the bookmarklet is right next to you and can be dragged to your preferred location on the screen. You will also find an embeddable script which you can use to place a button on your site to redirect surfers to your preferred page or website.


If you need to get real time information on your skin moisturizer or blog, then YackTrack is the social media aggregator to use. It helps you track views and comments from a range of social media including Twitter mentions, Mixx comments and Google reader or Digg. You will also have Firefox and IE bookmarklet.


FlavorsMe is for people who want all their networks under one icon. You will get Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,, LinkedIn, RSS, Vimeo and many more social networks under this single icon. You will never again have to open different browsers in order to access all your networks at once.

The social media fuss has changed the world. All you need to do is make the most of it. The use of social media aggregators will significantly reduce your workload and maximize your review. Get it now.