Time to move on?

With recent events we we’re forced to leave the country for a couple of days, hiding from angered feminists all around the world who were out for some cow blood! Things since then seem to have calmed down a little again and we’re back on the blog! Thanks to those who volunteered to provide you folks with a daily dose of dairy in our absence.

So what did we miss in the past 4 days? It seems we’ve gotten some Google Page Rank Power. PR3 by the looks of it, even though quite a few Google data centers are saying we’ve got a PR5. Ah well, we’re not that interested in what Google says or does anymore anyway. Our old blog has gotten a PR5. Wonder if this will lead to price shifting for paid links. Since popular blogs have a PR4 now…will a PR5 be the new PR6? It might be a good idea to kickstart the old blog and start using it for some paid reviews and the likes.

Our Technorati Authority has exceeded the 1,000 milestone. Guess the only ‘yay’ we can shout for that is because of bragging rights. Technorati sends us little traffic and it doesn’t do anything else either. Its just there.

Macur did a great job on the first official wallpaper by the way! How many of you have grabbed a free copy and are currently using this? Send us a screenshot of your desktop with the wallpaper and we’ll award one of you with a free ad spot for a month via a random draw! Also the contest is nearing its deadline. Want a new look worth $450,00 for free? Join in while you still can!

Coming back to the Google PR update, we’re going to sell an iPhone blog we’ve set up a little while ago. It received a PR4, and currently attracts ~1500 unique visitors via Google. It hasn’t been updated in quite a while. We’re auctioning it on a popular webmaster forum. Bidding starts at $200 with increments of $25.