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But, what if you don’t have a product yet?

What if you haven’t even picked a market yet?

Not a problem.

(keep reading and you’ll see why…)

As a special bonus, when you order Launch Tree through my link below, I am going to give you this…

A few years ago, my business partner Johny Hills recorded a live webinar with the major marketers in the industry.

This event was all about Niche Marketing — how to find *weird* little (off the radar) niche markets and haul in huge profits.

You’ll get the complete audio recordings (2 hours worth), the transcripts, PowerPoint slides — you get it all!

So, once you go through my bonus (which actually sells for $100 which is WAY more than Launch Tree), you’ll easily have a few hot niche markets ready to go.

What about creating a product?

Pros are going to show you how to create a product in a day or two.

This is a limited-quantity bonus that you’ll get when you go sign up with launch mastermind.

Once you combine my Niche Marketing webinar bonus with the pro’s Product Creation bonus, you’ve got all the pieces you need to…

A. Find yourself a hot niche market (or two)
B. Create your product at lightening speed
C. Add the necessary tweaks, upsells and post-order profit boosters to squeeze out 200%++ more money (using what Launch Tree will show you).

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Once you receive your email receipt from Launch specialists, send it to me at this address:

Be sure to include “Launch specialists bonus request” in your subject line.

Then, please give us a couple of days to send you the Niche Marketing download links. At this price, I know many of you will jump on this offer. We need to verify each individual order and this will take some time to sort out. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

There will only be *limited* quantities of his Product Creation bonus. So, if you want the complete A-B-C roadmap (like I mentioned above), you need to act real fast.