The Top Blogger Plugins

Hello boys and girls. In today’s webisode we’ll be showcasing the top six wordpress plugins we’re currenty using on our money making blog. Obviously we all make money with our blogs, primarily from selling ads. WordPress being the most popular blog CMS out there, a lot of people have developed some excellent plugins to help us bloggers out. We can’t all be coders, but uploading and activating a plugin is something we can all do (we hope). Here’s a top six list of our favorite and recommended plugins for making money with selling advertising space on your blogs.

1) The Ad Plugin – With this plugin, you no longer have to go through your WordPress theme’s code to manually set up all the places where you’d like the ads to appear. You just tell the plugin where you want them to show up, and the plugin takes care of the rest! Sure saved us a lot of time and frustration.

2) The Ad Plugin – This plugin will make sure that your advertisers will get an evenly divided exposure above the fold if you’re using 125×125 banners like us on your blog’s sidebar. Besides the exposure, this will also help to prevent ad-blindness because with every refresh, there’s another banner in the old banner’s spot.

3) The Ad Performance Tracking Plugin – Your advertisers will be very happy to see what exactly they are paying for. This plugin provides detailed statistics about how their ad is performing on your blog. The plugin will email them weekly stats, and you can see for yourself what ad spot performs better than others. Obviously this is a win-win situation for both Publisher and advertiser. You can calculate exactly how much your ad space is worth.

4) The Ad Renewal Plugin – Here’s a real moneymaker! Once an ad has run on your blog for whatever time you’ve been paid for, it won’t go to waste. If the advertiser was happy with the results, they just pay you via paypal and you can reactivate the ad in a second. No extra hassle by submitting new details.

5) The Custom Plugin – If you have sold all your adspace and you still want to make some extra money online, perhaps you could offer your services as a writer, a coder, sell your wordpress themes, ebooks…whatever. This plugin makes is SO easy for you to setup a custom sales page that will let your readers/customers pay via PayPal and download your themes or ebooks for example after that. This plugin makes sure you’re not paying any commission to anyone either. (except for PayPal 👿 )

6) The Affiliate Plugin – If you’ve used the Custom Sales Plugin, chances are you’d like to make some more money with whatever you’re selling. How about you start attracting affiliates to do your selling for you? With this plugin you can setup your very own affiliate system which keeps track of who sold how much of your stuff for you. Easy to setup the percentage you’re willing to pay out, extensive reports on sales etc. A must have if you’re serious about making money online.

Hah! Lets see who’s the first one to comment, saying we’ve screwed up the links since they are all pointing to the same plugin. We didn’t mess up, we just think that this plugin has so many useful features that you could consider it a mashup of all the advertising plugins you’ll ever need as a blogger. We could have extended this list to the top 25 plugins, but we think you guys got the point. This plugin rocks!