The Super Cool System and More

Do you know why the FTC put tougher rules in place for Internet marketers?

It’s because there is so much bull crap out there and deception that something had to be done.

Whether it is fake blogs that adjust their message based on your IP address or fake testimonials… people are sick of being deceived. It has gotten to the point that no one is wanting to believe anything anymore and I don’t blame anyone for feeling that way.

The fact is, if you want to know the truth… if you want to see through the bullshit, then the only option is to go directly to the source and find out for yourself.

By doing this, the product owner only has two options…

Answer the questions truthfully
Lie and let the FTC deal with them.

The reason I want to mention that is because as you know or soon will know, Martin Jones is coming out with a brand new product called “The Super Cool System” (No this is nothing to do with the blender) and from what I can tell so far, Martin is going to be giving public access to the exact custom tools and system he uses to earn over $14000 a day in revenue.

There is going to be a price tag with this of course but you must admit it almost sounds too good to be true.

Now before I continue, I want to make it very clear that I do not know Martin Jones… I know of him and have heard many times his name mentioned from guys and because of that I wanted to see what he was all about. I was very impressed with the free video he put out last week and if you have not seen it…

STOP RIGHT NOW and CLICK HERE and check the video out.

I promise that once you watch it you will understand why I was impressed.

But after hearing what this product was suppose to be and how amazing it sounded… I had some concerns.

If this thing does what it sounds like, I can tell you right now I am signing up but I have to admit that I am even skeptical. So, i took a chance, pulled some strings and was able to get an interview scheduled with Martin.

The reason for this interview is because I want to understand what this is all about… I don’t want to be sucked in by the presales stuff, yes this looks promising but I want to talk to Martin.

Thankfully I have a little clout in this industry ( a very minuscule amount but it seemed to be enough) and I was able to get Martin to commit to an interview. He does not know me, we are not long time friends and you do not need to worry… this is not two buddies trying to bullshit anyone… Martin knows the reason for this interview is I want to get real answers about this “The Super Cool System“.

I have a problem though… I want to know what you want to know.

Martin has promised to give me 30 minutes… which is extremely generous considering he is in the middle of launching his product and from his last email to me confirming the time I just found out it is his birthday tomorrow also. So thanks again Martin for doing this… and in that 30 minutes he is going to answer 10 questions. I have 5 that I badly want answered but I want 5 more to ask him and I want you to give them to me… what do you want to know!!!

So this is your chance… if you have any concerns or just something you are curious about in regards to Martin Joness’ Super Cool System… this is your chance to ask.

The call will be live on Tuesday, January 5th at 1:00pm Pacific and you will want to be there live for two very good reasons.

I am going to be giving away some random cash prizes to the listeners
I am going to be telling you how you can get access to something special I put together for you. I will be exposing the complete SEO campaign I have in place promoting “The Super System” and I am going to give you EVERY last detail with a flow chart and action plan of exactly what i did and how I am killing it so far all from SEO. You will be able to completely copy everything I outline and do it yourself. I promise this is going to be a killer value for you. I am going to share everything from keyword research to the plugins I am using and how I am using them. PLUS one lucky listener will win a 3 month membership to the Web2Mayhem and I can guarantee you that if you follow the outline I give and use the web2mayhem you will have a killer combination.

So.. be on the call and you could win cash plus more!

To be on the call all you have to do is go here…

Damn… if I was not hosting the call I know I would still not want to miss this.

OK, here are the 5 questions I want to ask Martin… but I need you to comment below with the #1 question you want the answer to. I realize I am going to get more then 5 but hopefully I can group a few together based on themes and I will pick the 5 best of the bunch.

The five questions I have for him to answer are…

If your system is so powerful, why are you giving public access to it… would it not be better to keep it to yourself?
You have full-time staff but what about those that don’t, how can someone just starting out make your system work?
If I am just new to IM, is your stuff too advanced… why or why not?
What is the difference between what you do and teach as compared to all the other training and tools out there?
Whats the biggest learning experience for you in regards to your online business that you think others could benefit in their own business from knowing?

Now I need 5 more from you… please take a moment and comment below with the number one question you want me to ask Martin.

PS – The call will be recorded and made available to those that can’t make it.