The Blogging Life

Ever since we started blogging, we have tried several time schedules to see which one would suit us best and what would generate the highest level of productivity. Because blogging becomes more than just a hobby after you start receiving a four figures income from it month after month. You might as well take a look at your routine and analyze it to see where you as a blogger can become more productive and work out the kinks. More product equals more income, and that’s what all us money making bloggers are after.

At first we all start cramming in posts whenever we have some time to write. Your blogging for yourself and any reader that happens to stumble across your blog is a plus. But it’s not what you aim for…yet. The ‘problem’ is that when you’ve made your first ‘big’ reward, be it a new advertiser that pays you $25 for a month, or a sponsored review which lands you $40 instacash, you will get hungry for more. We remember the first $100 we made and how excited we were at the time. If we receive $200 for a review right now, we just don’t get that same warm and fuzzy anymore. The mark has been set and the only time we get excited now is if we manage to make more money than the last big catch. Unfortunately this is a normal response for many of us – getting used to things too quickly.

Anyway, we’re drifting away from the topic at hand – increasing your blogging productivity.

Mentality makes or breaks your blog.

If you go to becoming a full time blogger, the mistake we made the first time was that we’d sleep in every day, do whatever we wanted and if there was any time left in our ‘busy doing nothing’ schedule, we’d write a quick post. After a few weeks we found out this was definitely not the way to go pro! Our current schedule makes us get up at 08:00 and get ready like its just another day in the office. That means breakfast, shower, getting dressed and logging on to your computer. No walking around nude all day because there’s nobody else at home! Obviously you do not have anyone around to tell you off when you’re ‘late’ and this is where the mentality part comes in. You need to be that person. Be completely honest with yourself, because in the end, the only one you’re fooling is yourself. Not very productive!

9 to 5 means less distractions.

Since most normal people, ones without blogs 😈 all work regular 9 to 5 jobs, you as an aspiring full time pro blogger can do the same and utilize that same time frame to do your blogging work. Because all your real life friends are working in their day jobs, they’re not around to distract you. Something that will happen if you choose to write your posts after their office hours. In the evening time, people are more likely to call you or show up on your doorstep to see if you want to go out for a few drinks, or you’ll have social obligations like birthdays etc.

More ammunition by adapting.

By ammunition we mean material you can use for your posting. If you adapt to the time cycle of the world around you, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to socialize with friends and family, without you having to stress about the lack of posts for your blog. After all, being the good little blogger that you are, those posts have been written somewhere between 9 and 5. Because you now have the opportunity to talk to real people, you can see whats going on in the real world and have real discussions. These will all feed into your creative memory and will provide you with either some great background information or even whole articles. More blogging ammo. If you really feel like you’re stuck at home, a great idea is to bring your laptop to Starbucks for example. Besides drinking enough coffee to keep you going, you’ll also be meeting more people and the impressions you can get from working in a different environment will help your creative zen to flourish.

People have adapted to everything the world has thrown at us ever since they started walked thousands of years ago. That’s why mankind is on the top of the food chain. Incorporate this into your blogging and lets see how far up you can get from the rest!