Template Theme Sites

If you are in the market for a professional template for your site, but don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money, a great resource that offers the ability to get an incredibly affordable, customized to your needs template is a theme site. They offer a variety of templates for customers, and with the cost of the templates starting at a paltry $75 for an entire site, there’s a ton of value available.

The templates page is easy to navigate, right from the top page down. You can choose from a large variety of already designed templates in a bunch of categories. No matter what specific purpose your site may have, there’s likely a template on this site that you can use. From sites for churches and other religious organizations, to construction, dating, and even personal blogs, there are options for your site’s purpose.

Each page also has a preview image that can be brought up demonstrating each page’s capabilities. Each template is priced for your ownership, not just for the rights to use them. Yes, each template is available for one buyer, and once sold, the buyer retains all rights to that page… with a few restrictions tough. For just $75, that price is ridiculously inexpensive for a complete design.

Upon purchase, you receive a zipped folder containing the site in an image program file, all of the fonts used, and all of building blocks of the site, including the hard coding involved in getting the page to show on various browsers. This way, the site can be manipulated in any way you may need for your own uses, as well as ensuring that your site can be made compatible with future technologies.

It is important to note that the site’s designs are all created in-house, meaning that what you find on theme sites is unique and won’t be found anywhere else on the Internet. The site employs experts in all aspects of the creation of websites including logo design, layout and graphic designs, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS coding experts, experts in dealing with Flash animations, and even high end technologies like PHP, MySQL, and AJAX, ensuring that whatever purpose that you need for your website design can be developed by YesTemplates.

If you have a template of your own already and want it changed, need some alterations to a design that Templates has, or want a new corporate identity or a custom site from scratch, Templates does this work as well. With the ability to custom design to your organization’s specifications, or create what you want from scratch, templates can ensure that no matter what vision you may have for your business’s web appearance, they can create what you’re looking for. They provide mockups of your site in progress, and can turn around a site in as little as four business days that is ready to be put up on the Web and shown to the world. Plus, they also create designs that are part of the new Web 2.0, at the cutting edge of multimedia and Internet appearance and utilizing the leading technologies in website development.

With the amount of templates available to purchasers from just $75 for full ownership, the myriad (how about that fancy word) of technologies and experts in house available in creating templates not only for general purchase but custom design, and the ability to have your company’s unique vision placed into a design ready for the world as you need it, Templates offers what looks to be one of the best services available to build your organization’s or your own website quickly, easily, and beautifully.