South African Technology Companies

Global companies operating in South Africa agree that there are a thousand and one reasons as to why a person should put up a shop owing to several advantages like cheap labor costs and favorable infrastructure which is just like acquiring international solar panels company without much struggle. This can be seen clearly by the example that was set by Acer Company which purchased a local company in which they had been dealing with in distributing peripherals and printers for over fifteen years. This was just like an SEO Company (that offers backlinks service and other website optimization processes) being bought by solar panels Company creating a merger.
Another technology based company in South Africa is Alcatel Company which is a leading seller in producing electronics (not the exercise bikes!). The company has formed several partnerships with local companies like Altech and Black empowerment companies. Such partnerships have led to production of high quality products and complex technology. This is just like making obama phone and releasing it into the market or making herbal anti aging cream for old people to revitalize their looks.

Electronic industry is bringing revenue at unprecedented rates in South Africa – a way beyond the Gross Domestic Product. This is because of the combination of several players in South African markets which include Siemens, Alcatel, Ericsson, Altech, Grinnteck, Spescom, Tellumat and Marconi which has kept the information communication technology. There is also a very rampant consumer electronic market that produces excellent value added products which plays a very vital role among the technology companies in South Africa.

The country’s Telecommunication Amendment Act 2001 opened many doors for the international technology companies (amidst the unfortunate depuy hip recall) such as the Virgin mobile to begin their businesses in its boundaries. There is also a visible penetration by the South Africa ICT products and services into the rapidly rowing African markets.

The year 1994 saw the establishment of the land rover assembly plants by the BMW Company which enabled the company to produce high quality 3 series vehicles. The company recognized quality systems in place to be able to develop new manufacturing technologies, components and systems for motor vehicles in South Africa. This was according to the BMW South Africa Managing Director. This is different from selling used cars in phoenix or contracting a local tailor to make evening dresses. Volkswagen South Africa which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG has a base in South Africa too. The company majors in producing high class products as stipulated by the mother company and hence are able to keep up to the standard of the current technology. This is just like providing the basic tools for making an xbox 360 hard drive.

Another company that was formed through a merger of three national information technology companies is the ESDS South Africa, which entered South Africa on the understanding of the balance of commercial gain and socio-economic and political stability. This was just like Google merging with the companies or individuals that produces dreamweaver templates.