Social Media Aggregators

The age of social media marketing is in bloom, and Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other similar social media platforms are visibly high in demand even today, a few years after their initial launch on the Internet. Accordingly, the birth of social media aggregators seemed only natural, but some of their features have been and still are under discussion nowadays. But what are social media aggregators and how can they be used?

First of all, the need to use several social networking services at once continues to linger over the head of marketers and business managers looking to enhance the way their companies are being thought and heard of. But business persons are not the only ones interested in social media platforms; there are millions of people making full use of their accounts on a daily basis for the “socializing” ingredient of these services. Feeling overwhelmed with having to constantly keep an eye and manage several accounts at once can be a turn off for most folks. Thus, these social media aggregators are nothing but useful tools that can successfully bring together several social media profiles into a single spot.

They enable users to accurately manage their information faster and more efficient; they are also great at displaying tons of widgets or special apps that allow users to keep a constant track on their friends, mix their bookmarks, enjoy their RSS feeds coming from different social media networks, give birth to livestreams, use a single user-friendly interface in order to gain access to all of their social networking accounts and many more.

All of these can usually be obtained by simply downloading such an aggregator and using it as a desktop app. By installing such an aggregator, users get to mash up several of their social media accounts, which is also possible if one decides to use an online social media aggregator which does not require any prior download and installation. There are also social media aggregators that work via instant messaging services or mobile phones.

Are there any drawbacks to using social media aggregators? First of all, some of these aggregators might be generating irrelevant content for users’ accounts, and even affiliate spam – the desire to make more money is pushing a lot of individuals to link Amazon and other web sites to social media aggregators and give birth to those so-called “negative posts”.

Secondly, posting the same message to all accounts does not sound of good omen – the most obvious differences refer to the number of characters that can be used, the type of files that can be attached to a message and so on.

All in all, social media aggregators have their visibly important role in the lives of marketers, but a certain degree of precaution needs still needs to be addressed when using them.