Setting Your New Year Goals

Have you put your plan for the new yeartogether yet?

What’s that…. you do not plan the year ahead?

Are You Crazy! How do you expect to succeed if you have no idea where you are going????

You are so lucky you have me, you know that 😉

I just finished a fantastic interview (just under 60 minutes) with the one and only Frank Bartner. If you have not heard of Frank Bartner then you need to… he is one of the pioneers in this industry.

Frank is an expert when it comes to helping people manage their time and I had the privilege of getting introduced to him from a mutual friend, just a few days ago. Frank needed a small favor and so I helped him out and as a result Mark has agreed to doing an interview with me.

This was a fantastic call and as a result I have made a transcript of it as well (used a professional transcription service this time).

This call opened my eyes about so many things and has helped me so much! I am not hyping this up… I am serious, it was a fantastic call and anyone who is serious about their business and wants to be successful this year, NEEDS to listen (or read the transcript).