Selling the site?

Hi gang, here’s a quick update for you to chew on. If you think it has been a bit less busy over at our farm blog lately, you’re right. The off-line world is demanding more time because we’ve got a big move ahead of us. We’re trading in the Irish paddock for new pastures down udder! A very exciting time, but also a very busy and unorganized time unfortunately.

There’s tons of paperwork to be sorted out for VISA applications, plenty of digging through what stuff we want to ship over and what we can give away to the charity shops etc. Besides that, we’re hooked to frigging twitter

So, we’ve been thinking how to improve the current situation and here’s what we came up with:

1) Hire a blog poster. Obviously someone with experience and talent. (We’re not going too much into the guest posting thing anymore because we feel the diversity of flavors that it brings with it isn’t suitable for this blog.

2) Sell. Yes we know its April’s Fools, but we’re deadly serious. If we could find a suitable candidate to take over, we would absolutely consider selling. Besides the extra time we’d get, the money would hurt either in our move to Australia.

We’d love to hear other suggestions if anyone has any. Obviously, if you’re a professional blogger who thinks he or she is bovine enough to write for us, please do contact us. If you’re filthy rich and you’d like to buy the farm…well you can contact us too!

If you’re bummed because you were expecting a prank from us today, we’re sorry. We’ve done our share of pranks in the past and nobody seemed to like them.