Researching Keywords for Blog Posts

Researching keywords for your next blog post, article or site?

I’m going to show you a way to get a peek behind the scenes of the Google search engine and see actual “search keyword” trends. Using these techniques you can discover keywords that you will want to use now!

Sure Google Trends ( can help you find the top 100 hot topics but unless you are into top news stories or celebrities it doesn’t always help.

Google has finally let us pull back the curtain and see into the mounds of data that they have been collecting for years using their Google Insights for Search Tool. (

This is a keyword researchers dream. Four years of actual search data that you can comb through.

Using the Google Insights tool:

The first thing you should do is to sign in to your Google account at the top of the Insights. This will provide you with a little more detail in the results.

Before I start with an actual example of how to pull some nuggets (keywords) you need to know something about the numbers you are seeing. Google is keeping one thing hidden from us; the actual search volume. The numbers they show are all relative. I explain that more in my example below.

When you first get to the Insights tools you will see a screen like this:

The red arrows point to samples that Google has provided so you can see what the tool can do. I suggest you look at several of those to understand how to you can use the tool.

Lets say you have a tech gadget blog or you are a seller of electronics and you blog about the items you sell. I’m going to enter a search that should be a popular holiday shopping item in this category. That is digital camera. And I’m going to pick only the United States and 2008 so I can get current data.

Google gives digital camera a relative volume of 82. By itself that means nothing but they do provide a graph of the relative volume for 2008. And when you compare that term with another one, let’s say, dairy farm, which is where I think was taken to, you will see how the volumes relate.

Digital camera has a relative search volume of 82 to the 3 of dairy farm. (Wow! That many people are searching about a dairy farm. It must be in the search for Cow.) While diary farm by itself has scores a 78.

Currently with a volume of 82, digitals camera are sitting at its lowest volume period of the year. If you went back and looked at prior years, you would see that there is a huge volume spike in November.

Over the past four years the volume is decreasing. That right there would tell me that this is not a good keyword. It’s a top level category keyword and it’s too generic to be able to use and draw any traffic from.

We need to go deeper into the mine to find the nuggets. Scroll down to the last on the results page. These are the top searches related to your search term and the rising searches. This is where the gold is.

I am going to look the rising searches to try to find a new growing trend.

Looking at that list, two of them quickly caught my eye. Waterproof digital camera and underwater digital camera are two related terms at the top of the rising searches. It seems like we have discovered a sub-niche here.

You can then investigate further by click on the terms. Upon clicking waterproof digital camera I find this:

The first listing is a model of a waterproof camera and Google say this is a breakout term. That is a term that is new for the time period you selected and has a surge in volume.

Now I have a possible idea for my next article.

Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Or if you are building a new site, you have a possible niche to work with of waterproof digital cameras.

And the best part of a long tail keyword that is a product, it’s very easy to tie into your store or to an affiliate site like Amazon, eBay, or another affiliate store selling that product.

You can use this same process for any niche you might be working in. It will work the same way. Sometimes you find dead ends, or low volume terms, and many times you find the keyword gold you need.