Releasing a new tool

A new and improved monetization machine will be proudly presented to the public today. You might have seen the youtube clip we posted a few days ago, wondering what on earth it was all about. Well to explain this to you boys and girls, the people have kindly requested us to have a closer look at their money making product and publish our findings, so here goes.

We received a lot of research material and most of the screen shots speak for themselves

These stats are taken from a new website – set up late December – and the numbers are very impressive, seeing these numbers have mainly been generated by organic search engine traffic. Almost 10,000 daily impressions, and this domain now has 36,000 pages indexed in Google (!)

Easy Installation – check.

This tool is indeed extremely simple to install. According to one of the testimonials, a user only has to upload the unzipped contents, next, next, next, and they’re finished. Even installing WordPress is slightly more difficult. The ‘real work’ is all in the customization of your end product – it all depends on what you would like to do with the tool, and how much time you’ll spend in tweaking your site.

One of the tool’s main features is the Highly Customizable Search Engine. Visitors can use the search engine on the site and depending on your personal set-up, it will grab content and create new pages on the fly for the visitors. This way you’re not only providing your traffic with content, you’re also growing your site’s database with new pages, ready to get indexed by Google. The more people use your tool created site, the more organic traffic you will receive. A nifty option that the tool offers is to translate your content into 14 different languages. It might not sound very exciting, but if you consider that not everyone online can read English, and only use their native language to look for things, its a whole new segment of new users that you will reach with the translation capacity of the script.

Besides growing your site with the help of your visitors, this tool also allows you to manually add your own articles. This might be a safer way to get Google to like you. There’s nothing better than unique content.

Another excellent functionality of the tool is a WYSIWYG editor to shape your site the way you like it. Colors, ad placement, flickR images, youtube video clips etc. All of these can be modified to your taste and you don’t have to know one bit of HTML for it.

Making Money – check


Obviously you can start generating money with Adsense, Clickbank or whatever your favorite online earners are. Feed the code into the tool and it’ll integrate this with your site. If that’s not enough for you, Happar offers a very lucrative affiliate program for all its members. We took a quote from their faq:

High Payouts: The Happar Affiliate Program commission will give you $90 per sale and $70 per membership.
Second Tier! You can make additional income by attracting new participants to our program. Advertise the Happar M.E Affiliate Program and make $20 per sale and membership from the income of every new partner you bring us!
Be with Happar – Be with the Leader! Happar is the world’s first monetization engine. We strive to release the best scripts on the market.
All Possible Types of Banners Ads: We provide our partners with the best tools to help them advertise M.E.
Fast and Efficient Member Support: We have special staff devoted to working with the Happar Affiliate Program. With us you are not simply another associate, you are part of our Team. Together we work for excellence, to keep you and your customers satisfied, happy and of course, successful. If you decide, we will work closely with you on a personal basis, for our mutual benefit. All your requests are processed by our administrator within 24 hours.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with a money making tool like happar. What it comes down to is your determination and input to make this work for you. We all know there’s no such thing as getting rich quick online, everything takes work. This script will do a lot of work for you, saving you precious time for other endeavors. The trick is to find the right balance between your unique and scraped content, so you don’t get into any sort of trouble with the big G. Most of us money making webmasters are always cautious not to cross that line. The Happar M.E tool is extremely versatile and how it works out for you depends completely on how you put it to work.