Professional Forum Marketing eBook Review

An interesting review today because it covers a topic that’s quite relevant to us with the startup of our own little Forum. Mark John, owner of the site approached us and asked for a review and gave us a free (Its awesome to get free stuff when your an Internet celeb!) copy of his professional e-book. From the cover of the book: “Earn money passively just by posting in forums.” and “Outsource the right services and earn $180 in just 2 hours.” Oh, he’s also giving away a free tip to get a permanent PR6 for free from Yahoo! That alone is definitely worth the $30 on which the book is currently valued!

Experience matters.

Throughout the book, Mark has little boxes with his quick tips on certain subjects. He’s been actively participating in several bigger forums. A well known hangout spot for anyone that’s even remotely interested in the Internet. Judging by his post count, we are assured he’s not a newbie. All the tips he’s giving are from years of experience, hanging out on forums.

Pimp yourself to the highest bidder.

One of the things many of us don’t realize, is that there’s really some nice money to be made on forums. The more you post, the hotter you become for some people that would love to stuff you with their money. All you do is put up their links in your signature, change your avatar to what they want or you can even sell a spot that’s used for recent RSS lines from your blog for example. It all depends on how much you want to get your hands on some extra cash. Pimp yourself out to the highest bidder.

Now for the best part!

Obviously we can’t just copy and paste the whole book here since the book doesn’t come for free for the rest of you 😈 The e-book’s value has been set to $30 which is a reasonable price for 43 pages of useful information for those that’d like to see how much money they can make in the wonderful land of foruming. Especially with the added bonus chapters that will tell you how to obtain a permanent PR6 from Yahoo, and how anyone can make $180 in 2 hours. It requires some work but if you spend 8 hours doing this, you’re looking at $720 per day. Not many of us are making that in our day jobs!

This e-book is a recommended read for anyone that wants to make some extra money and learn how to use a forum to its full potential.