PPC Campaign Optimization & Trust

Your PPC campaign has done its job; it’s driving traffic to your landing page. But your landing page abandonment rate is really high – people are bailing almost as soon as they get there. What have you been doing wrong?

You need to look at it from the user’s point of view. When they click on a PPC ad, there are certain things they are looking for when they hit the landing page. If you don’t meet those expectations, they leave.

Here is a list of things that a user wants to see when they hit your landing page:

What they expected to see. Did your PPC ad feature a certain offer? Make sure that it’s front and center so that the user sees it quickly when they first arrive. If the offer is hard to find, or isn’t what was promised in the ad, they will lose faith in you and bail.

That your site looks trustworthy. If you’re running a PPC ad campaign, chances are that you’re ultimate goal is to complete a sale. If your website looks chancy or doesn’t have guarantees or point-of-sale assurances, people won’t take the risk to buy from you. Any affiliation with a respected governing body or security measures that you have to keep your buyers safe, make sure that they’re prominently displayed to reassure the user that you’re credible the moment they hit the site.

How to learn more. If all you have are ‘buy now’ buttons without a way for people to learn more about who you are and what you’re selling, people will bail. Users are naturally suspicious (and often rightly so) of someone who if just pushing the hard sell without giving out any information about who they are or what they do. Even a single link to an “About Us” page is very useful in this regard.

What the next steps are. Generally, people like to know what the purchase process will be and what will be required of them before they commit to anything. By being completely transparent in your interactions with the user, you will encourage a feeling of trust and they will be more easily moved down the buying cycle.

Where they can get their questions answered. If someone isn’t ready to buy right just then, or perhaps has a question that you haven’t answered on the page, make sure that your contact information is prominently displayed so people can get a hold of you easily. If people can’t easily find this information, they will most likely give up and search for what they were looking for elsewhere. This is a pool of customers that you don’t want to lose – if they are interested enough to contact you about your product, they are further into the buying cycle than the normal visitor to your site, and with a little effort, can be easily converted into a sale.