Nothing in Life is Guaranteed

Over the past couple of days I have been private messaged and emailed from a few people, who seem to want me to be able to predict the future for them and make everything OK.

They ask questions like…

“If i do this, how much money can I make?”

“What do I have to do to make this much $$$ in 60 days?”

…and the list goes on and on and on.

I have bad news… NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE anything like that!

Now before I sound too hypocritical… yes there are things that can be “Guaranteed”… but that does NOT mean that they work for absolutely everyone.

What I mean by that is I can 100% guarantee that if you join my Web2Mayhem system and you use my tools and strategies that you WILL get a dramatic increase in traffic. I can offer that because I back it up with a 100% money back guarantee and if you get lazy and do not do anything or you do a half ass job; then you will not get good results and I will simply give you your money back.

What I can NOT and will NEVER do however, is tell you that I guarantee that if you do A,B and C that you will earn this much money.

There are just WAY TOO many variables.

Is the traffic made up of “buyers” or “freebie info seekers”
Does the content relate to the audience and cause them to want to take action
Does the offer convert
and the list continues…

There is one secret to success… and one secret ONLY…


You need to understand that I have busted my ass off to create a business that earns 7+ figures a year… nothing “just happened”. The affiliate marketing side of my business for example, is not made up of me making one site and suddenly earning $14000 a month (like a recent product claimed).


What you need to understand is it is all about testing, tracking and tweaking… and doing this over and over again. Not just building one site and BANG you are rich.

My personal affiliate marketing system is made up of making a certain number of new sites every month and then after a couple of months I look to see which ones have taken off and I focus consistent promotion and new content on them.

The thing is NO ONE can be 100% certain that any niche will make them money… you need to test and try lots of different things.

As a real life example (I am revealing this exact test, showing the domains and everything in the next week), I built 5 small niche blogs that are focused on amazon products. I built these blogs following a super easy strategy that was focused on what someone just starting out could realistically do. These are 5 related niches to each other but are each a tight niche blog that only contains a couple pieces of unique content and then is added into my auto content system (which members get) and after 2 months now, I have identified three of the five that are doing very well traffic wise and are converting and this month will net about $400.

The two that are not doing well I am going to give another month and if nothing, I will sell them… which will more then pay for the cost of them.

The point here is if I just built one or two of them, I might have built only the two that are making no money and from the initial research… they looked just as good as the winners did. I also made sure to build them correct, use great content and promote them.

You see the only guarantee is the effort… you have to do something to achieve results.

If you ever saw chariots of fire, a quote that really gets to me is when the character …

“If you don’t run, you can’t win.”

You see he was pouting because he got beaten badly in his last race and as a result refused to race anymore because if he could not win he did not want to race.

Well it goes the same with trying to make money online, you do not quit just because you did not succeed on a single attempt. You have to keep racing!

I have heard so many people cry a river saying “this or that does not work” only to find out they never really tried or tried some short cut and never put any real effort into it.

It is NOT…

the tools
the training
the niche
the… enter your own reason here

It IS the work. You have to use the tools, implement the training, test different niches and see what works and then keep doing what works.