New year and new hosting

Hello! If you can read this post, that means you’re on our brand new server. If you can’t…well just don’t waste your time on leaving comments because you’ll be the only one reading them 😕 As you might recall, a few days ago we did a review of a top hosting compnay and we found out what a great bunch of boys and girls they really are. Like we said before, we found the tech support department extremely helpful and Jerry, the CEO, is a friendly and down to earth guy who knows what he’s doing.

The timing on this whole sponsor swap was excellent as we started to run into more and more trouble with our old sponsor. At one stage they completely took the server offline because someone in the sales department thought it was weird that our monthly bills were $0! Took us hours to convince them that they needed to boot the server back up. No need to say that we were pretty pissed off with that. Besides the uptime issues, we were looking for some extra options which they just didn’t have. We’d still like to thank them for 6 months of free hosting and we hope they’ll get back on the right track.

Anyway, enough with the old, lets talk about the new! Top Hosting Company has very generously given us a rack mountable pizzabox server to milk. Here’s the specs for the geeks:

4x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3210 @ 2.13GHz Processor #1 speed: 2128.541 MHz
Memory: 2072252k/2096000k
2x SCSI device sda: 488395120 512-byte hdwr sectors (250058 MB)
3Ware Raid Controller (2×250GB in RAID1 config)
100mbps pipe

This is quite a bump in hardware specs. We used to run off a Core Duo 2 @ 1.86 Mhz, 2GB Ram, 2×160GB Raid1 and a 10mbps pipe. Besides the hardware upgrade, we decided to crank up the old PHP/MySQL and Apache versions too. Coming from MySQL4.1, PHP4 and Apache 1.3 we’re now on MySQL5, PHP5 and Apache 2.2. Was a bit scary when we transferred the blog and the rest of our websites, but so far no significant problems have occurred. We haven’t tweaked anything yet in MySQL or Apache like we did on the old server, mainly because we think that all the upgrades should have a huge positive impact on the speed of the site. Of course, the 100mbps won’t hurt the performance either. Enough with the geek talk already! You guys might not need a dedicated server persee, but you should really check out the great budgethosting plans THC has for bloggers.If you find a bug, please drop us an email.