Making a million dollars this year

Let’s take a walk back to sometime around 1994. Computers used to cost much much more than they did today. I don’t remember exactly how much, but I do know they were at least one and a half times of what they cost today. If you had a million dollar idea back then chances are you didn’t think of the internet as an option. The internet was still in its infancy and people were too busy making animated baby gifs to be bothered with dreaming up ideas to make money. But today it’s a different playground.

Million Dollar Ideas in the 21st Century

It’s no secret that if you have an idea that will excite at least a sizeable number of people, the snowball effect it can have could potentially lead you to your first million dollars. Most people think it’s as easy as starting the next pixel gimmick, or a new way to sell tags, or like Jim himself tried. The project was successful while it was in his hands, the future of the Wiki now depends on the new owners. The originalWiki seems to have stalled slightly, perhaps they need to rethink marketing strategies. Hope is not lost yet.

Today sites like Facebook have developers clamoring to launch the next hottest application for people to add too their profiles. Sooner or later it will reach a maturation point, and members will only keep what they really need on their profiles. Until then it is a virtual gold mine for the right mix of developer, marketer and designer. It’s not just Facebook. You can aim for a million with sites like YouTube, Revver, MySpace and many more. You just need to know how.

Even the Apple iPhone is a great place for someone to build an innovative application, which could be easily monetized once it gains in popularity.

Finally, if you have an idea you don’t need a ton of money to execute it online. You just need to the figure out the best possible method to get it done. With tons of open source software options, free resources being published daily by successful bloggers, material to keep you reading for the next couple of years there is enough information out there not just for one million dollar idea, but many more than you can probably execute.