Making a Change

Are you simply flying by the seat of your pants with absolutely no direction.. no goals… NO PURPOSE?

Do you empathize with your customers to understand what they are looking for… what they want to see… what they experience with you?

As much as many of you want to say yes… I guarantee that most of you are actually a no. The reason, in my personal opinion, is because of a desire to make money and an impatience to want it now.

In the below video, I am starting a series with Marcus and my plan is to have a multi part series that has us walk through the transformation of Marcus’ current blog to something worthwhile.

The questions that I ask in this video, that each one of you should ask are:

Whats the purpose of your site for building your business? Is it to sell products, capture leads, promote your service… what?
What is the target audience of your site and who is your perfect reader? (Age, sex, income, goals, location…etc)
Whats your niche? Pick a targeted niche to start with. Even though your blog appears to be about wellness, pick one segment of wellness to start with.

Marcus, please answer these questions in a comment below and in the next video we will take the answers and redesign the blog to match. Once we are done that we will look at market research for posts and then we will get into promoting.