Keyword Research is Easier than Ever

Keyword research is one of the most hammered subjects in internet marketing. Hammered to the point where it becomes nauseating after awhile. I say this because it’s a process that too many people over-complicate and really, it should be straightforward.

In this post, I want to show you an easy way to come up with laser targeted keyword phrases in a hurry without doing the complicated stuff. If you are doing article marketing, then this method will be just about all you need and the results you get will be productive.

All we are using is the Google search box. Google continues to improve it’s search facility and because it’s free, many overlook some of the powerful features it continues to add. Google also is a little lax in letting us know about them so it’s a matter of being aware and alert to them.

Have you noticed when you begin to type a search term into the box that a drop down menu will suddenly appear and you’ll get a list of suggested phrases? Do you ignore or dismiss this simply because it’s free and anything that doesn’t cost you you’re hard-earned can’t be too valuable? Well, think again. As far as keyword selection is concerned, this is one of the more powerful tools you’ll come across without outlaying any money.

The point is, Google is the king of search. When they give you these suggestions they are giving you real time data. Many keyword suggestion tools fall down in this area. Just think, Google is actually giving you terms people are looking for and in real time. For article marketing purposes, this is an excellent way to grab searched for long tail keywords on the fly.

Here’s an example. Let’s search for the term “dogs.” Now “dogs” itself is a term that gets 188,000,000 results so it’s not a good term to go after. But here’s what happens when you begin typing it into the Google search box. Google starts to give you a list of suggested terms related to the term dogs in the drop down. Google is actually pre-empting what you are looking for and they’ve become so sophisticated at doing this that they can just about read your mind.

I suggest writing down any three word terms or more that take your attention on the way to writing out the term “dogs.” Here’s the list I got when I did this exercise for the purposes of this newsletter for the term “dogs”:


So we have a list of ten keyword suggestions from Google. These are the five I’m interested in…”dog trust”, “dog breeds”, “dogs for adoption”, “dogs of the dow” and “dogs in heat.”

So now I have five key phrases to work with. You can either write five articles around each of these terms or do some further analysis. I generally do further analysis and we’ll get into that in the next newsletter. For example, “dogs of the dow” is related to the stock market so it’s not one I want to keep.

But here’s the beauty of doing this. With the keywords you have, drill down again and type each one back into the Google search box. Bingo! More search term suggestions from his “royal highness” Google. Also don’t forget to test both singular and plural. What started out as typing one term into the search box suddenly grows to many. That’s why you’ll virtually never run out of keyword phrases to write around.

Love them or hate them, Google is actually on your side in this business but you’ve just got to be aware of what they have to offer. This facility in my opinion is priceless and worth every bit of the free subscription service we pay them.