Hypocrites among us

Time for a rant post since they’re all the rage these days. And guess what? Yes, it’s about our project once again. We appreciate and respect your opinions about what we do, however, having seen some of the actions that were taken by a few people after they had their say about us, we felt we had something to say too.

First off, here’s a quote we took from one of many MEW bashing posts:

Fair enough, we see the genuine concern from this reader. However, the following then leaves us flabbergasted. That very same reader jumped onto what seems to be a ‘poke-fun-at-the-money-wikis-for-free-wiki’ bandwagon called after he was made aware of the site. He then took the opportunity of quickly grabbing the ‘Make Money Blogging‘ page and plaster it with a ton of affiliate links. WTF dude!

This ‘spam‘ site was created and is owned by non-other than our own ranting house guest, proud owner of a crystal ball that tells him whatever he wants to hear. Here’s a another quote, directly from the front page:

It is designed to allow newbie bloggers to introduce their sites, comment on other peoples sites and get a free do-follow link in the process.

I am not aware of any other Wiki that has removed the no-follow tag, though I am sure they exist.

That’s another thing about him, he seems to have a very selective memory. It looks like he’s trying hard to convince other people that the site has a nofollow tag on the outgoing links which would render those links useless in regards to Google PR juice. Despite of us replying to one of his many rants in the comments on our blog, he still pretends he doesn’t know that doesn’t do nofollow. And surely, if he’s as Internet and tech savvy as he apparently appears to be, he could see for himself that there is no nofollow indeed. –but then again, that would spoil the fun wouldn’t it!

We’re not even angry about it. We’re just disappointed in the fact that you’re deliberately not telling the whole truth and try to manipulate people’s opinions by doing so.

Eagerly awaiting your biased opinions on this,