How To Track Stats

Are you looking for a way to better track you stats and metrics for your website? Then I’ve got something for you.

stats is a site that’s been around since 1999, which has both free and paid services to get you all sorts of info about who is going to your site, and what they’re doing once they are there. They not only give you a webstats hit counter to use, but they also have a free site traffic analysis.

The free service includes information on page views, return visitors, and page popularity. Their hit counter is an easy (and free! free is important) tool you can use for determining how many people are really visiting your site. If you’re just starting out, and haven’t done any web stats work before (or you don’t have any money), then this is the way to go for you.

If you’re looking for a little more, then stats also offers a paid version of their web stats counter that offers a lot more in-depth analysis. You get a lot more options, such as the ability to hide or display as much or as little website traffic as you want, as well as the option to display visitor traffic on a world map to better show where your users are coming from. You also get access to their web statistic reporting engine, and a feature-rich account management control panel.

With proper web stats management, you can know where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing while on your site, and how long they stay. One of the best ways you can use stats for improving your metrics is to understand where people are abandoning the purchase cycle and why. Once you’ve identified that, you can start to fix the problems and start to make more money.

Which we all know is my (and your) favorite thing.