How to Build Powerful Business Relationships

If you living on a lone island the ability to generate a significant income online is going to become an uphill battle. Your network of colleagues, clients, mentors, and peers is the greatest asset you will possess in the Online Marketing industry. There is no such thing as a JV if there is only one party, and you can’t be mentored by someone if you have no contact with them. This business revolves around relationships.

What is the Importance of Building Solid Relationships?

Many new marketers entering the online industry focus much of their effort on building niche sites, optimizing these sites, writing articles and web content; and then they sit back and hope for the best. While you can’t sidestep any of these aspects, you should spend more of your time on the areas of marketing that will generate long-term rewards. If you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, you will know that a great portion of your success in business comes from 20% of your effort. My experience has proven that spending a large part of that 20% on building solid relationships ensures long-term success.

Beside my personal experience, I have engaged with many leaders in this industry, and ALL of them are surrounded by a network of people who are of similar standing. These leaders have partnered with others to develop innovative products, some have helped their fellow vendors gain recognition by recommending their products, and some have entered into strategic alliances with others in an effort to dominate their chosen niche.

It is difficult for a lone-ranger to reach the top! You need the skills, experience, and influence that others bring to the table. The advice and opportunities that can come from a colleague or mentor can often expand your business considerably. And if you are surrounded by distinguished people, their success is bound to rub-off onto you.

Building Relationships is about Giving

If you are a newbie and find yourself surrounded by a community of prominent marketers, you should never take on the role of being a leech: someone who only takes and never gives, someone who marches to the most influential people requesting one-on-one assistance. This is completely the wrong approach! The best case scenario is that the influential marketer might feel sorry for you and give you a few titbits of information. On the other hand, you might establish yourself as the person to avoid completely.

The right approach will be for you to firstly take the initiative and gain a thorough understanding on a specific subject. Read, research and absorb all the information at your disposal. Before you know it you will be well-informed – maybe even a semi-expert – and you will be able to add value by actively participating in conversations on the subject matter. You might even find yourself assisting others. If you comment regularly on a highly-esteemed blog – ensure your comments stimulate conversation, and bring your newly acquired knowledge to the community. The more value you contribute, the more likely it is that you will get noticed.

I spend a lot of time removing spam comments from my blog, but on occasion I will come across a real “gem” of a comment. This type of comment makes me want to know who the person is that left the comment. If this particular person asks me a question in the future or requests assistance from me, I will be obliged to offer my help.

You see – the more you give in life and in business the greater the chances are of you receiving when you are in need. Although everyone isn’t wired the same: some people might still turn down your plea for help, but there will be others who you’ve positively affected through your contributions who will approach you with new opportunities and ventures.

A mutually beneficial relationship requires you to do your part – if you’ve proven that you have something of value to offer then you are well on your way to building solid business relationships.