Halloween update!

Looks like someone is playing tricks rather than treats on us this year’s Halloween day! The RSS subscribers number of 666 is not a trick, it’s someone bodivine with a twisted sense of humor we guess. We’d like to thank Jeremy from image factory for editing our header a bit to go with today’s theme.

Which one of you knows where Halloween comes from and why it makes us all dress up like scary things? buzzzzzz! Time’s up. No peeking on Google allowed.

Halloween is a pre-Christ pagan holiday that was called Samhain, originating from good old Ireland. It’s a celebration because its the end of summer. Not that we had any summer here in Eire, but hey, its the thought that counts.

So what’s with all the dressing up as monsters? Back then, the festival of the dead, as Samhain was known too, led people to believe that the undead and a bunch of other monsters roamed the night on Halloween. In order to avoid getting attacked by one of them, people started dressing themselves up as monsters too so they’d be left alone if a real one passed by. If you can’t beat them, join them! That’s why we used to dress up like evil John Chow. We’re big cows now and not afraid of the dark anymore!