Google’s PageRank

Just about anyone knows the love-hate relation Google has with a popular blogger, our all time favorite blogging moo-gul. He got slapped because of his review link back batch a while ago, not even ranking first place for his name anymore. It looks that he just got slapped again because Google seems to have taken down the blogger’s precious page rank 6 status and gave him a 5!

Some people have already been speculating these events and even said that we’re taking the Big Beef’s pagerank 6 but so far we’re still at zero. One thing that’s for sure is that the pagerank updates are finally starting after the longest period between updates. Obviously this isn’t that big of a deal for him, who’s earnings will most likely top last months $17k again but it’ll probably hit him where it hurts the most, not his wallet but his pride 😈 So what do you guys think? What page rank will Google give us for Christmas?