Getting Traffic Sources besides Google

A lot of “us” focus on Google for traffic… which is smart, but is there a point in which it might be causing more harm then good?

I am not by any means suggesting that you do not focus on Google. There is no doubt that they provide massive amounts of traffic… but what would happen if suddenly Google decided to remove you from their rankings?

Would your site or blog be dead?

Over the past 30 days, the following non Google sources have provided traffic:

19% –> eMail – Mailing list & RSS
15% –> Affiliate Links promoting my free ebook
13% –> Stumbleupon – Was a few times but the biggest was to my free “Planning 2009 Guide”
12% –> Twitter – All over but two spikes are CPA Arbitrage post and “Planning 2009″ post.
7% –> Digitalpoint Forum – To the post about CPA Arbitrage
4% –> Digg – “2009 Planning Guide”
3% –> Tumblr – Consistent and mostly to the index page
3% –> Wikipedia – I owe Ranked Hard for this one… this is a link to a guest post they did 🙂

That is 76% of my traffic for the month of December!

In fact, Google only provided 14% of the traffic(the other 10% was a bunch of little things like yahoo, msn and so on).

So, whats my point of showing this?

If you want more traffic to your website or blog, do NOT put all your eggs in one basket, DO think outside of Google alone and DO get people talking!

Here are 5 things for you to think about:

Are you building a mailing list (You NEED to do this for long term sustainability)?
Are you building up a solid presence in different social media outlets (I have over 1600 followers on twitter now)?
Do you create controversial content that will cause people to act (share, comment and come back for more)?
Do you give away valuable free content that will cause people to act (share, comment and come back for more)?
Do you offer an affiliate program of some sort to “encourage” people who promote you?

Ok, I know there is nothing earth shattering here… but if anything I hope it makes you think a little about how you are currently doing things and how you may be able to do things better!

The bottom line is it comes down to balance. Do not focus everything on Google… but on the other hand, do NOT ignore them either.

What are your thoughts on this?