Getting mentioned on a huge blog

Just imagine getting linked by one of the biggest blogs around. With a potential of 619,000 RSS readers and most likely even more regular traffic, you’d be wetting your pants! Now it takes some work to get featured on a massive scale like that, or simply a quick email where you let them know what’s up with company xyz. That’s why the big boys always have the news first, because their readers keep an eye out for them and tip them off as soon as something happens. Remember a few days ago when that one company went belly up? Silly buggers forgot to renew their domain!

Frank emailed us about it, to see if it was worth a mention, but we had never even heard about the company previously so we kindly declined Eddie’s ’scoop’.

TechCrunch was another recipient of Frank’s email (wonder which one of us he mailed first) and they jumped on the news right away. Go Frank! You’ve just been linked by TechCrunch, get ready for some pants wetting – or not. Unfortunately as you can see in the article, TechCrunch editors made a boo-boo and broke the linkback to poor Ed. Does that suck or what?!

Anyway, we know it’s not of a TechCrunch magnitude, but here’s a (working) link from us Frank, we hope it takes away the pain of not being featured by TC.

In other news, as you can see we’ve added our twitter updates to the sidebar. Just having signed up for an account a few hours go, it’s not a very interesting read yet, and it might probably never ever be interesting, but you’re free to follow us on twitter!