Firefox Extensions for Affiliates

Keyword research is an essential part of any successful Internet marketing campaign. Whether you’ve got a niche blog or whether you’ve got a product-based website, you need to know what the keyword marketplace looks like before you invest in AdWords.

Yet Google doesn’t, by default, provide you with a whole lot of help. Sure, they give you ideas about what keywords to use, but at the end of the day you have no idea what markets are truly saturated, and which keywords have proven successful for advertisers in the past.

Enter Affiliate extensions. This software for the Firefox web browser tries to give you the kind of real data you need to know whether a given campaign has been successful.

Now, without access to proprietary Google data or an individual advertiser’s campaign data, no one can know for sure how successful or profitable a campaign is. Affiliate extensions comes close, however. They’ve devised a formula that looks at exactly how long a given advertiser has hit on a specific keyword. Affiliate extensions works on the idea that the longer an advertiser uses a keyword, the more likely it is that it’s bee successful for the advertiser.

One of the nice things about this software is the help it gives to new users. Not only is there a 47-page user guide available, there are many different video tutorials, all of which point out the features and functionality of the software.

Affiliate extensions relies on other tools to help it in its task. Rather than reinvent the wheel, it uses data from WordTracker to suggest keywords, for example. It offers advertiser info from Keyword Spy, and even uses to pull up landing pages.

While there are truly a dizzying number of features in this software, you don’t have to be a stats junkie to use it effectively. For example, you can set the software up to highlight any of your keywords that have been successful for advertisers for a period from one to 60 days. Yes, there’s plenty of other data available, but the interface provides for simple uses, too.

If you’re considering an AdWords campaign, consider letting Affiliate Extensions help you pick the right keywords and optimize your chances of success!