Common Mistakes for Promotion to Avoid

Over the years one of the biggest challenges I have seen with people and website promotion is wanting results now. Yes that might sound fine but if they are putting the cart before the horse… well that picture really says it all.

Just yesterday I was on the phone for one hour helping someone with his website (consulting if you want to call it that) and the first 45 minutes where just spent on steps that had to be taken before he even launched into the actual promoting…. these where important steps that help ensure the promotion effort is as effective as possible.

The following post covers 10 common mistakes that every webmaster or blogger will want to review and the focus is on helping to ensure your promotion efforts are as effective as possible.

Instinctively, many of us rush out into the seemingly never ending depths of the internet after launching a website, product or service and begin frantically attempting to gain some sort of exposure. In the midst of our enthusiasm and excitement however, many of us seem to commonly overlook what I have come to dub ‘the 10 deadly sins of promotion’. Without further ado, here they are.

10. Using a little too much Java script can actually hinder crawlers from catching up with and identifying your page for inclusion in the search results of top internet search engines. This means that your website will be relegated to some bottom place on the list that comes up on results of searches by engines. This also happens with indiscriminate inclusion of Flash and frames.

9. You are neglecting linking to related content on other sites. It is often surprising just how powerful including relevant articles and pieces of information from other sites or blogs can be. Besides providing a different insight into something you may have already covered, it also allows you to begin establishing a relationship with other website owners in which you may both eventually benefit off.

8. You are not subtle enough. When promoting your website or blog on forums based on similar interests, you have to take care to go about it in a subtle manner or else your target audience may actually be repulsed by your tactics.

7. You did not include relevant keywords. Keywords are what will get your website or blog listed on any search result when a user types in that keyword in the browser of a search engine. Include enough of these and you are sure to get a high listing.

6. Keywords again. You need to select keywords in which you can actually compete for. There’s no point targeting the most popular keywords because chances are you will find it extremely difficult to attain a decent ranking for them. Keywords should be selected carefully, if need be, invest in programs that are designed to make the process much simpler and effective. This is also covered in page 42 in Building a Business NOT a Blog.

5. You rely on SEO alone to fuel your traffic flow. Explore other methods too, like social media, social book marking, participating in forums, PPC and link baiting. This brings me to my next point.

4. You are incorrectly using social media to promote your site. The key behind using mediums like Facebook and Twitter to effectively promote your website is building relationships. Neglecting this will substantially impact on your social media promotion efforts.

3. Your content is boring. If you want word of mouth promotion by visitors, you have to supply them with content that is interesting, fresh and which the visitors can talk about.

2. There re just too many pop ups. This is something I’ve noticed with many websites lately. Get rid of pop up ads, whether your site hosts them or whether you use pop ups to promote your own site.

1. You seem too desperate in your promotion. This puts potential visitors off.

If there’s anything I’ve left out which you feel should be included, I’d definitely love to hear about it.