Check out this killer wordpress plugin

If you’ve been a good little subscriber, you must have seen our previous post about this nifty auction plugin for your wordpress blogs. We were actually going to post a follow-up since our iPod auction is ending in a few days, and to let you know how much free traffic it has already brought us. Anyway Planer, the genius behind the plugin (and our sexy blog design), beat us to the punch and wrote the following post for us so we can take it easy for the rest of the day. He even tried his best to make it look like we wrote it ourselves, isn’t he adorable? Here goes…

Are you ready to sell stuff on your blog, keep all your profits and get some free traffic with it too? If you are then WP Plugins, the premium version of the revolutionary auction plugin for WordPress, is for you.

If you don’t know about WP Plugins then here is a quick intro. Basically the plugin lets you host auctions on your own blog without having to use a third party like eBay or any other auction site out there, plus the plugin can get you some free traffic too!

Right now the version comes packaged with 5 free color styles, valued at $250 if designed individually, so you can use the plugin on a variety of blogs you may possess and chances are one of the styles will fit snugly into it. Also, this version comes without a link on the sidebar, unlike the free version.

Let’s not forget the free traffic bit now, We’ve been getting around 20 – 30 visits a day from the Live Auctions page. Pryder, the guy behind the plugin, has said that there’s a lot more to come. So early adopters can except to see a steady stream of traffic to their blogs, all you need to do is get the plugin, activate it, register on our Live page and post up an auction. It couldn’t be simpler!