Business in South Africa: make your own success story

Creating a business starts with a great, brave and bold idea. No matter the considerations like place, time and money, you must always be able or have the courage to gamble off that which you are holding in order to make something of yourself in the capitalist world. Building a business in South Africa does not need a masters in accounting, nor an online information technology degree, it only needs one thing: guts.

Once you have decided on the concept and the model of your business, you need a plan of action. What are you going to sell or buy? What do you need to start the business? Do you have the tools? Do you have the time? Basic questions that any person with or without a healthcare MBA or a JD, MBA would think about. Always think about the cliché “location, location, location” you are in one of the heavily tourist populated places on earth and the business or the establishment needs to be seen by a lot of people regardless of the nature of the business, even if it is not in the line of sales.

If you are still not convinced and you don’t have the confidence like Barney Stinson, you can take an online project management degree in order for you to have some technical knowledge. Imagine your soon to be business is a penny auctions but treat it as a million dollar enterprise for you to get the summarized feeling of decision making. These courses are easy to find just like any links on the internet that say download winzip free.

When you already have mustered all your strength in the conceptualization, allow your mind to think and rediscover your surroundings. What do we not have in South Africa? What skills do I need? Do I need masters in nursing? Be careful but in all of the execution, monitoring and the planning stage of the process this is the hardest part. Think of the possibilities and the success stories. Take Bill Gates for example, he did not have an online MBA to build Microsoft. He just had a vision, one computer per household. Steve jobs did not have engineering degrees, he thought of apple as a way of life.

Think of the possibilities and imagine the future of it for you. Make your first step towards that success and make yourself a success story. If you simply don’t have the balls or the guts to try and establish a business in South Africa, troll for some online courses on the internet for your eyes to be opened up to the possibilities and the lessons that you can learn right in front of your computer. Gates and Jobs did not have the internet to rely on back then; they just had more research on their faces courage to set their goals. You have the upper hand; your journey starts with this decision.