Bringing in the Glory

The blog started in December. Before that time it was a served as a personal home page. There wasn’t anything on it other than my photo and list of sites I run. The page stayed like that over five years and for most of that time I was ranked number 1 on Google. However, not updating a page doesn’t bod well with search engines and eventually, I lost my number 1 ranking. I was debating on the best way to get my rank back and turning the home page into a blog seem like the best solution. It also seem like a good way to get my hands wet in blogging. So on December 1 the Wired World of my blog came to be.

The purpose of the blog was to help restore my number Google ranking for my name. It did that within the first two weeks (of course I no longer rank for my name anymore but that’s another story). The other purpose of the blog was to serve as a platform for my miscellaneous rambling. The blog was never designed to make money. As a matter of fact, I was so adverse to the site making money that I donated all the blog’s 2006 income to charity. The idea of a personal blog making money didn’t sit well with me. However, since the blog is pretty commercial now, I don’t have much of a problem with it. The blog’s income now goes to various charities and a family trust.

The decision to monetize the blog came about because I wanted to prove that money can be made by blogging. The original goal of the case study was to create full time income with part time blogging. I’m sure you’ll agree that I blew that goal away.

I went into blogging the same way I went into my first website – for fun. I blog for fun. I don’t blog for money. Yes, the blog makes a lot of money, but from a time investment standpoint, the blog is one of my least profitable ventures. If you’re going to blog, then doing for the fun of it and not for the money it can make you. If my blog made nothing today, I would still be updating it. I really think this attitude is a big reason for the success of the site. That, and people love to see what I ate for dinner