Blog advertisements

Here’s a quick note for all of our current advertisers. We’ve decided to change a couple of things around. Don’t worry, some of you are just going to get more bang for your buck.
Currently the 10 300×250 spots receive about 40k impressions per month each. We’re gonna bump this up to 80k because now they will also get featured in the second post. How much extra do we want for it? Nothing, nada, zilch — compliments of the house. The price remains $75 per month. There’s a few spots left so let us know if you want one.

The sidebar 140×140 buttons will also remain at the same price. For $125 you get featured there for a full month. Want to reserve a spot? Email us.

The text link ads seem to have gone up a little since last month. This is controlled by the people at BOA because we trust them to give our advertisers a good deal. $24 per text link per month. Some people wrote about their findings and we seem to be the best value for money according to their posts. All you need to do is sign up with them and grab one of the four spots that just became available.

Our RSS readers have seen the RSS ads we use. Currently we’ve got 3 advertisers in there, but with our RSS readership reaching nearly 600, we’ve decided to open up 2 more spots at $25 per month. That’s 5 in total and if you want to grab one, just shoot us an email giving us the URL and link text (180 chars max).

And here’s a photo of our new setup, requested by a few of you guys. We love it!

On the main screen we can view a full 1024 site and have a full document next to it. The 19 inch on the left is where we’ve got a feed reader running, our email and IM also goes there. And that new keyboard? BEST EVER! If you can, grab one. Its a delight to type on. Everything goes quicker and we make less typos.