Authority Writing Wins

It’s no secret in the blogging world: hitting high in the search engines alone isn’t enough to make it big online anymore. You need something else. You need a way to convert readers and visitors into buyers.

With the increasing popularity of blogs, competition is fierce. There are a handful of things that will make your site stand out among the vast sea that is the blogosphere. One of them is authority content.

You see, you need more than visitors to have a successful and profitable website; you have to establish yourself as an authority. Your website content and blog posts have to pack a punch. They have to engender trust. They have to demonstrate that you truly know what you’re talking about. When you say “get this product,” they won’t do it unless they believe in you.

But how do you do that? How do you write in such a way that your readers believe in you, and trust that you’re telling them the truth?

Here are three basic principles that will help your content drip with authority:

  • Write well. Grammatical and spelling errors cost you more sales than you think. Be diligent with your editing, and work hard to hone your writing skills. Know the rules of the language, and develop your own style and feel.
  • Keep it personal. You don’t have to reveal a single detail about your personal life to make people feel like they know you. Personal anecdotes that are light on identifying information and heavy on message are extremely powerful.
  • Believe in the products and services you recommend. The best salespeople in the world know that you have to believe in what you’re selling. A transaction benefits both the seller and the buyer. If the products or services you’re recommending are crap, your readers won’t come back.

So what comments do you have… any other tips???