A Story of my iMac Purchase

And we didn’t even get a happy meal toy with it! Let’s see ifI can beat that with his $60 hamburgers!
So yeah, we didn’t really pay $500 for the quarter pounder with cheese, fries and coke, but here’s what happened:
We woke up this morning, like we do every morning, and decided we’d go into town to do some window shopping since it was a nice day and we didn’t want to get hooked playing Halo 3 for another seven hours straight like yesterday!

Too bad we passed the Apple store because now we have to type this post on our new 24′ iMac! Yes, we finally decided we should get it after having thought about it for a couple of months now. The fact that everyone that buys from this week onwards gets a coupon to download Leopard for free when it comes out in a couple of weeks was enough to get rid of our last excuses not to buy.

So, in the first Apple store we asked if they had the 24′ iMac in stock. Unfortunately they didn’t and we told them that we’d go check out the other shops and if it was possible for us to buy the model they had on display if there was no other option. The girl that helped us said she had to ask the manager and so she did. Three minutes later she came back with a smile on her face, telling us that she was just told that they actually did have one in stock after all! It was ordered by someone but the order was canceled last minute or something. Whatever it was, they had one and we were gonna buy it.

So here’s weird thing number 1:

She scanned the box and it came up with a price of $2,299.00 which is what you pay for the top model. Our model is $1,799.00 and not a penny more since we feel the minimum upgraded can’t justify the extra $500. Anyway, the girl called one of her colleagues, telling them this was the box with “the weird bar code” that displayed the wrong price and that she needed to change it in the system. We were thinking that this was probably the iMac extreme but that the staff would have checked this so we let them do their thing. As long as we could take it home.

Now, here’s where we could have made $500.

We didn’t have any lunch yet so we asked the girl if she could keep on to the box for an hour so we could go eat something without having to carry it around. No problem, we could leave it there and pick it up whenever we would be ready. Since McDonald’s was around the corner, and we really didn’t want to waste a whole hour eating when we could play with the new toy, we walked back into the shop after about 20 minutes — Guess who was standing next to an empty box, reinstalling and polishing the demo model? OOPS! Did we come back at a bad time?

Yes, they were giving the demo model a nice shine, clean drive and were timing to get it into our box before we were back — in an hour.

It turned out the box they sold us did contain the iMac extreme like we had thought when the jackpot price popped up. Both the girl and her manager went red in the face when we walked back into the shop to pick up the iMac we had paid for. Ya, so what are you gonna do in a situation like this? To be honest, we were quite amused with all the apologies and excuses that were made. Even though we felt cheated because of the way they were trying to get the demo model prepped. We had never agreed to buy that one, just asked if that would be a possibility if we couldn’t get another one anywhere else. We ended up with the demo model and a $100 discount. Not a problem really since there’s nothing wrong with the machine.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Assumption really is the mother of all fuck ups. Make sure you double check anything you do if it involves your money.