8 Tips for a Powerful SEO Campaign

If you are trying to make money online, you know that search engine traffic is a HUGE component to your success. The following is a list of 8 Vital Tips for A Successful Search Engine Traffic Campaign according to “me” 🙂

This is how I do things and it works EXTREMELY well… take it or leave it, this has proven to work for me over and over and over again!

1. One Bite at a Time: You want to focus on one primary keyword for the first 3 weeks for each page you promote, I also recommend you initially only focus on one page at a time. This is because:

It tells Google initially exactly what the page is about.
There will automatically be “variations” added and after 3 weeks you will start to add a lot of variations yourself.

NOTE: Yes I realize variations are crucial but not at first for a brand new website. Focus on the term you want to rank for and then once you are ranking well or after three weeks, start adding variations.

I talk more about variations further down in this post also.

2. Look at Your Competition: Don’t be discouraged when you don’t see some competitors ranking in the top 2 or 3 spots that you can beat. What I do is start out by looking competition that looks beatable and is on page one or the top of page 2. Then I figure out the amount of links I will need to surpass them and increase that by 2X’s.

The search engines might not count all your back links or even find them, so you need to ensure you have more then the competition is showing. For example, if the competition is showing 50 back links, then you will want to have 100 back links to ensure the search engines (especially Google) sees at least 50+.
If there is nothing that appears beatable in the top 5 spots on page one but there is in the top 10 to 15, then go for it. Once you beat them you can progressively work your way to the top position.
You do not want to just match your competitors, you want to BEAT them.

3. Variations Are Important: Eventually you are going to want to use variations. After three weeks or once you are ranking on page 1, you will need to start adding variations in the anchor text links.

DO not force Google’s hand here. Instead, allow Google to tell you what to use. Use Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – type in your blog’s URL and look at what keywords Google tells you relate to your site and then start mixing in some of those terms. I make a list of about 7 to 10 terms that I rotate through
Only use the primary keyword once every three times (30% to 40%) and make sure to also mix in terms such as the URL of the site, “check this out” and “click here” to make it appear more “natural”.

The fact is Google wants to eventually find variations in your links anchor text and will actually penalize you eventually if it appears that you are too optimized from a linking point of view. That makes the use of variations an important component to campaign success.

4. Limit Interlinking: Try not to interlink Social sites, blogs and other websites you are using to link to your blog. You can interlink a few of them but I try not to interlink any of them. I do not want to risk Google or my competitors being able to uncover everything.

5. Split It Up: Make sure that you split the links to you index page and deep links to about a 50/50 split.

This does not have to be exact, but the routine I follow is I try to always promote a deep link when I promote the index page or if I am promoting a deep link then I will also promote the index page.

6. Consistency: Once you are ranking on the top of page 1, try to maintain an average of one new link a day (approximately 30 a month) with 40% using the main keyword term and the rest variations

7. Variety is Key: Make sure to use a variety of link sources and every month you should change it up a bit.

Make sure the Google page rank is all over the board. You do not want links only coming from high page rank sites.
Make sure some of the links are rel=”nofollow”. Remember we want to look natural here and the fact is some people will link to a site naturally and add a nofollow tag to the link.
Do not use the exact same sites every month, make sure to add in new sites. For example, do not use the exact same article directories every month, mix it up and change them around.

8. Promote Your Promotions: You want to ensure the search engines find each backlink you get and therefore you want to ensure you promote sites that link to you. This can be easily done by bookmarking with a service like Ping.FM