Busyness is not an effective strategy

Now before we get into all the udder squeezing goodness and stuff let’s cover a topic I think we all can relate to and implement into our business models. Of course, I could be totally wrong and this may only apply to me, but….I’m pretty sure there is someone else out there suffers from this as well.

Busyness Doesn’t Help Your Business

I know that word looks funny, but I assure you “busyness” is actually a real word. Hey, it was on the internet, it has to be real right? The internet does not lie does it? Oh well, I found it and it had a definition so I ran with it.

Want to see the definition? Of course you do, here ya go.

adj. bus?i?er, bus?i?est
1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.
2. Sustaining much activity: a busy morning; a busy street.
3. Meddlesome; prying.
4. Being in use, as a telephone line.
5. Cluttered with detail to the point of being distracting
Wait dude, that’s not even the same word!!! I hear you, relax, the word is actually the noun form of the same adjective we just defined.
busy?ness n. <—- see I’m not crazy

Now, for our little discussion I want to focus on 1 and 2 as it relates to online business.

Many people working online, or starting an online business get so excited they immediately get busy. Now, this is not a bad thing in and of itself, the problem is, most will not be taking the proper actions to move forward and will merely be doing busywork. Hey, I’m speaking from experience here!

We always here things like “take action” or “get something going” and we immediately jump into action with no real direction, focus, or plan. This leads to us simply doing various tasks that may be related to our business only by the mere fact that it’s being done online.

Some Examples Of Busyness In Your Business

There are many was one can merely be suffering from busyness and have the appearance of working on their business. Some of us love to tell folks how much time we spend “working on our business”. The problem is, the act itself becomes the prize, just telling folks you have an “internet business” may be fulfilling when they show interest.

This translates to the stuff we do online. We may be online merely “networking” when really we are doing nothing more than socializing all day. Without a clear plan of attack, you really won’t have any checkpoints to mark your progress and you’ll get pulled in all kinds of various directions.

Constantly spending the whole day completing optin forms so you can get free ebooks and software and calling it “research” is not research. I can tell myself that all I want, but really it’s just me spending time gathering up various amounts of crap to pile on top of the other 7 piles of crap I already have on my hard drive and haven’t read past the first page!

Oh yes, then, I have to go and “organize” all my “research”. This is nothing more than me creating infinite amounts of folders and sub folders and playing my own personal game of “hide then find the ebook”. How much time have I just wasted, 1, 2, 3 hours or more!

I could go on with various amounts of examples, but I really just want to get you thinking on the proper things, and identifying those areas of busyness that your business suffers from, as it will be different for each of us.

Working Efficiently Or Working Effectively

Now you may feel that I’ve lost my mind again, that’s find..I tend to do that from time to time, but just roll with me for a few minutes. I can be doing many things online, and actually staying busy, completing multiple tasks….but not the RIGHT tasks, so in actuality I am not really being effective in my business, even though I am being efficient.

Just because I am good at something doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for me to be doing in my business. If what I’m doing doesn’t move my business forward then it’s not effective, no matter how efficient I am in getting it done. I know…this isn’t as black and white as some may like, but really it’s more of a brain stimulant than anything.

I want to get you thinking about how effective you are with the things you do in your own business, and how you can tweak your tasks to become more effective and still be efficient as well. Being efficient in the wrong things will only leave you in the same position your are now, it’s like moving sideways as opposed to moving forward.

A football team can be efficient in making lateral passes, but if they only make lateral passes and never advance up the field then they are not being effective. Maybe they are not used to completing any passes at all, so seeing the lateral passes completed get them excited and that becomes the focus. Well, 4 of those passes and they lose possession of the ball! They were efficient in completing the pass, but they were not effectively doing the RIGHT things needed to move the team forward.

Are you being efficient and not effective? Or are you moving toward being effectively efficient? Any thoughts? Let the cow patties fly!

As is my custom, I want to leave you with a little visual stimulation for those that like to listen and watch more than read. And for me…videos have not only been efficient, they are effective!