The WordPress Theme

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – its time for this blog to go public! We’ve seen how many a blogger has been trying to get a sexy wordpress theme like ours, spending hours online searching for a free version, only to find that nothing really came close. There’s even a few poor souls out there that decided they were willing to part with amounts over $100 just to get a knock-off copy. We won’t name any names, but we’re happy to announce to the wonderful world of blogging that our original theme is now available for download! Why pay more for a knock-off when you can now pay peanuts for the authentic 100% Valid XHTML/CSS W3C Compliant professional blog design done by a professional company? It even comes with the uber-cool sliding boxes just above the main banner!

There are currently three versions of the wordpress theme available for download:

  • The Basic version at $39 – comes with two links in the footer that you’re not allowed to remove.
  • The Premium version at $59 – premium makes the footer links go *poOf!* and gives you the right to abuse our designer for an hour to tweak the theme some more!
  • The Personalized version at $79 – If you want to get a cool customized header* with the package, this is the version you’re looking for.

Even though you probably won’t need any more encouragement to grab this deal of the decade with both hands, here’s a list of some of the testimonials we received when we introduced the theme to the world…