Privacy Exposed by Social Media Sites

The social media fuss has reached never before predicted heights. Both the elderly and the young are on the social sites. In spite of these sites having been developed to help people connect with each other, entrepreneurs have benefited a lot from the platform. For example, you can get information on where to buy Kratom by following the advertisements placed on the social site. All in all, as much as social media sites are an integral part of the world, it is important to note that they have their drawbacks. The main drawbacks are seen in the exposure of privacy. This has led to many potential dangers.

Identity theft

This is the main concern on social media sites. When creating an account, users give as much information about themselves as they can. This is to make it easy for their friends to identify them easily. The flip side is that this information can be used by identity thieves. With the date of birth on their hands, the identity thieves can easily estimate the social security number of a person. The thief can then personify a car accident attorney in order to rip you off. It is recommended to change your account settings so that only your trusted friends are able to view your personal information. You should also leave your date of birth out.

Sex predation

Stalking is common. There have been cases of people establishing relationships with social media users with negative intents. Once the stalkers get the phone number of the user, they start preying on them. This may subsequently result in sexual crimes. The key is to never give your personal information to someone you have never met. Additionally, if you must meet for a date, it is vital that you seek the company of your best friend and make sure you meet in a public place.

Unintentional fame

On the social media, people have the freedom of uploading their photos and videos. Opportunists may take your online content and use it for the wrong thing. For example, your videos may be uploaded to video sites or your photos edited to depict something unethical. The key to avoiding these incidents is limiting access to your social network page. You do not want your photo to be used as an expert who helps reclaim PPI whereas you are a stay-at-home mom.


Due to the popularity social networks have amassed, employers are using information on social sites to conduct background checks. If your social page is polluted with negative information, chances are you might end up missing the opportunity. The same applies when you are employed and stalkers post uncouth information on your page. This information may easily cause you to lose your job.

The social media sites have their good and bad sides. They have the power to make rift platinum popular and the power to cause competent individuals lose their jobs. You need to make proper use of these sites if you wish to benefit from the exposure the platform offers.