Getting It Together to Keep It Together

A couple weeks ago I sent my readers an email about a webinar that was being held called the truth analysis. Well due to some unforeseen circumstances the webinar was canceled and is to be rescheduled.

What the webinar was going to be about is this brand new service for making passive income called the truth code and it was falling on the last day of a conference that was being held in Vancouver… a conference I was at.

Now the conference was… well I will not lie and say it was great… BUT… the service looks incredible.

So the title of this post looks as though I may be slamming this conference for the way the conference was handled… but that is actually not the case. Yes it was not exactly what I had envisioned but however it did make one major claim “Life Changing” and that is actually something that I think it potentially is going to be with me.

The service was initially only opened to a small group of people and they are not ready to open to more (rumor is in a couple weeks) but they really want me to look at it, so I was able to get my own access (not a demo account either).

What I am absolutely impressed with thus far is the process they start the newbie out with and this is what is going to lead into my title of this post.

I can not really reveal as of yet what this system does but it is totally designed to help anyone who can invest a little bit (at least $1000) to be able to generate a very healthy passive income… and it is not by doing the standard things… it actually only takes about 30 minutes a week. Well that is actually not true, it takes about 5 hours to get set up and go through all the training and action steps but once you are set up all you will have to do is once a week follow the advice of the system, tweak a few things and that is it.

Yes I know, the first thing you are probably thinking is… WHATEVER!!!

Well I can tell you this. I am personally going through the system and when it is ready to launch I will 100% be ready to tell you exactly my opinion and whether it does what it says… but if you are interested in learning more about it, they are having a webinar soon that you will want to sign up for… I do highly recommend you check that out at least for now… and do not worry there is nothing to buy and you will learn something 🙂 . You can CLICK HERE to learn more.

So with that being said now let me talk about getting your crap together.

With this membership, the first step of the process is to make sure you have your crap together and they really make it so you have to ponder on a few things before you move forward. One of the steps is very similar to what Frank taught about writing out what you want in life… but this system makes you fill in the blanks and actually is really easy and I can tell you now it has made me rethink a lot and all I can say is… WOW.

The WOW part is mainly that I did not have a freaking clue as to what I really wanted… and now that I do, I see how it is changing my view point on things BIG TIME.

I am not really going to be able to do this system justice but there is one thing I want you to do right now… and I promise it will actually be fun and help you… answer the following questions (no these are not directly from the outsider code)

How much money would you realistically love to have in extra passive income. exactly one year from now? I am not talking about winning the lottery but I mean realistically… would it be $2000/month, $4000 or more? Figure that out and indicate a number that would make you feel happy right now to be earning in one year.
How would you spend that money? Calculate how much money your monthly goal would equal in one year (for example $2000 is $24 000 for a year) and then divide up out of that what you would do with that money… save for a house, car, retirement, bills, vacation, charity… list all the things that you would spend it on? Remember this is not money for living day to day… this is passive income above your current living.
Create a word doc that has pictures of those goals and post it near your work station.
Now calculate what that equals in earnings per day. So take the yearly and divide it by 365, so $24000 would equal only $65 a day.
That’s now your new goal… you need to start earning $65 a day to reach your goal and so now create the tasks to get you there. So for example, if you build affiliate sites and are currently earning $25 a day, what can you do to get that to $65.

OK, this is not really a detailed plan but I promise if you have never done anything like that before… just those simple steps are a huge stepping stone.